Animation, Visual Design and Cutting Edge Technology

We are a full service problem solving studio for all of your Animation, Creative Design, Content Development, Motion Graphics, Motion Capture, Green Screen or Large Format Projection Mapping needs.     


Animation, design and working with cutting edge technology are our strong points.  We were the first studio in San Diego and possibly the country that has developed content for multiple projector blends and distortion mapping for large format screens.

We’re comfortable with projects large and small, regardless of seemingly impossible deadlines, and at almost any budget (that’s the part that gets me in trouble).

A word on budget…After 17 years and more than 4000 productions we’ve accumulated a vast library of assets.  With one phone call or email we can show samples of what we’ve done similar to your project.  In some cases we can build upon past projects and give it your unique spin and smash it out of here, saving you hundreds of dollars, tons of time and give you an almost instant starting point.  If what you need is totally custom, no problem, we’ll get you a bid promptly.

If what you need is out of our scope of expertise, we’ll know someone that is an expert.  We’re happy to hook anyone up with our colleagues and other professionals in the field.


Some of our services:

Animation, 3D, 2D traditional, and Interactive Holographic
Art Direction, Creative Design, Motion Graphics
Projection Mapping, Distortion Mapping and Multi Projector Blends
Stage concept, visualization and flythrough
Character Design, development and animation
Content Development for Trade Shows and Corporate Events
Television and Movie productions, Opens, Bumpers, Scripting, Storyboards
Scientific, Military and Engineering simulations, rendered and real-time

 Video Animation Studio – San Diego CA